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About Me


Please allow me to introduce myself. By now you know that my name is Steve Dickson but did you know that I am renowned for performing at private functions of all sizes?  These vary from simple private parties to large corporate events. Examples of these include weddings, hospitality suites, trade shows and  corporate events and parties. In addition, I have built an excellent reputation for providing outstanding entertainment value.

I provide a unique entertainment experience while performing close up magic just inches away from your guests. They have the opportunity to participate in the venue including gambling demonstrations and sleight of hand that is sure to intrigue and extends to stage shows upon request. To name a few, recent venues include The Tree House Pub, The Jolly Coachman, The Hart House, Pt. Grey Golf & Country Club, Swan-e-set Resort and Country Club and Yaletown Brewery as well as many memorable performances on the Magic Moments Harbour Cruise Ships. 

I am the Magician in residence at the prestigious Vancouver Club and promise to provide the same outstanding service to your event or business.  My performance is delivered with style and class, the utmost civility and with care and attention to ensure that your guests and clients are the stars of the evening.

“There really is only one word to describe Steve Dickson


“In the relatively short time I’ve been acquainted with Steve Dickson, he’s managed to captivate me with his unique character. I’ve found myself at a dinner table watching him grasp the imagination of the guests. He is suave, debonair and polite. You’ll find yourself believing ANYTHING he says. His smooth moves and personality are woven to create spectacular and memorable magic.”

Neil Kremer,Vice President

Vancouver Magic Circle

“Omg the magician here is fantastic. I am in complete shock and awe. Omg!!!”

Member, The Vancouver Club

I have performed close-up professionally for over 20 years.  Not only have I performed magic in hotels, trade shows, private clubs, hospitality suites, restaurants, pubs, department stores  and country clubs but also in novel situations such as chartered buses and trains.

2013 VMC Stage Magician of the Year Winner.  2011 Society of American Magicians Award of Excellence Winner. Kramien Best Showmanship Award Winner.  Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Champion.



What is Close-Up / Walk-Around Magic?

Close-up or Walk-Around Magic is a unique type of entertainment that happens on an intimate level. It is usually performed mingling from audience to audience, ranging in sizes from a single person to groups of 10 or more, entertaining hundreds throughout the event. Many of the illusions occur right in the hands of the participants.

Close-Up Magic is extremely flexible. It is ideal for situations such as cocktail parties, hospitality suites, openings and in-store promotions.  It is perfect for venues where  structured performances would be inappropriate.



Close-up magic is a great conversation starter.

It can be done anywhere, under any conditions.

 It does not interrupt the flow of the event.

And it’s fun!

Contrary to the current trend for urban and often irreverent street magic, I provide engaging and always surprising entertainment; delivered with style and class that cannot easily be duplicated.   Additionally, it is a great way to “break the ice” and build rapport with your customers and clients. Viewing this site, you will find guests are just inches away from the magic and their involvement is all part of the fun.



 Stand-up/Parlour Show

Parlour magic (also known as platform magic, club magic or cabaret magic) is magic that is done for larger audiences than close-up magic and for smaller audiences than stage magic. It is more intimate than stage magic because it doesn’t require large-scale stage equipment and can  be performed closer to the audience and without a stage.

Parlour magic is ideal as an after dinner performance when space is limited and sight lines may be a problem.  The performance is still intimate enough to allow spectators to feel involved and is a more relaxed style than a full Illusion show. 

 Presentations last from 20 to 45 minutes depending on your requirements and can be broken up and performed in between courses, speeches or planned intervals.  Once again, there is a lot of interaction with the audience  making it fun and memorable for everyone and can be performed as part  of a package with  Close – up magic.

Once again, my performance’s are delivered with style and class, the utmost civility and with care and attention to ensure that your guests and clients are the stars of the evening.







Social Responsibility

The Magic of Giving Back


varity show

To name a few events, I have been involved with Trevor Linden and performed for Canuck Place and have been called upon by the Make a Wish Foundation to perform for those who have requested a magician as their special wish.  I’ve entertained for Share the Magic where all contributions go to the local food bank and for a variety show where proceeds go directly to support the victims of Typhoon Hayian – Answering the Cry of the Philippines.  I have been called upon many times to perform and have organized fundraisers for families whose children are ill or have found themselves in crisis and have supported many other charitable causes. 

In addition to being supportive of the community at large, I am also active in the “magic community” and have served as the Vice President of the Society of American Magicians and on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Magic Circle.  I donate my time to hold workshops and mentor young magicians as well as holding magic camps as an alternative to day care for youth during spring break and summer holidays.


 These are but a few examples of ways that I have found to bring magic to the community or those in crisis and believe that when possible, it is my responsibility to respond.

 “Fate” Show to Benefit B.C. Children’s Hospital

   Raised $10,000





Share the Magic Landscape

Family Shows


Most of my performances last for about an hour.  My birthday party magic is ideal for children aged 5-up.  With your choice of close-up or stage/parlour magic, teaching magic effects or a combination of all, it can be performed just about anywhere; from your front room to a full sized stage. If you want to make your child’s party a HUGE HIT this year but you are not quite sure how to entertain a group of children, congratulations, you’ve landed at the right web site!  This show is very family friendly for parties of all sizes. I also regularly entertain in care homes for the elderly.  No matter where I perform, the young and the young at heart will be wonderfully entertained!

Family Show

Close up girl



Children love magic but they really love learning magic tricks! In the magic class, I will teach age appropriate tricks to insure successful completion of the effect. The child gets to take all the tricks home to perform them for friends, family and relatives.

Magic Class


More than just a magic show at a party, my Magic Show and  Magic Class gets kids interested in magic.  They will acquire a new  skill that will enhance their personality. Performing magic  builds  confidence and encourages interacting with others.  The magic class  tricks will have the child magically entertaining their family and  friends in almost no time at all.

 Double click video after it starts for full screen

Past Clients

Cadero Resources, T.D. Bank, Coca Cola, Montanas, Philips, C.I.B.C., Price WaterhouseThe Sirloiner,   Jolly Coachman, East Side Mario’s, The Vancouver Magic Circle, The Office Pub, Pennzoil U.S.A., Davis Law Group,  Air Canada, Alcan Aluminum,  Boston Pizza, , HSBC Bank of Canada, Revlon Canada, Society of American Magicians Dallas, Texas, White Spot, Boston Pizza, Science World, Clean Air Solutions, Play Land, B.C. Make a Wish Foundation, Aquapak Canada, Euro Solutions, International Brotherhood of Magicians,Volvo Canada, Ikea, The Vancouver Club, Ford Canada, The Terminal City Club, Hotel Vancouver, Pacific Coast Association of Magicians, Honda Canada,  Magic Castle,  The Hart House, Pitt Meadow’s Days,  Chrysler, International Steel Workers Union, Share the Magic,Three of Clubs Convention,Canuck Place,  Weiser Lock, Vancouver International Airport, Yaletown Brewery, Royal Bank, , Canada Day Celebrations,  Pacific National Exibition, Vancouver School Board, Stephen Harper private functions, Jimmy Pattison Group, and many, many more.







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    Magic of Steve Dickson
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    steve@surprisingentertainment.com steve@magicofstevedickson.com
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    Office: 604-828-2781